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We Are Oshawa is a membership-based grassroots, non-partisan organization that seeks to make progressive issues a priority in Oshawa.  We aim to empower and mobilize residents to become active agents for social change in their community.

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    GM Shareholders Strike it Richer

    Canadian taxpayers are being played for suckers and enough is enough.
    The latest bombshell from General Motors is the announcement of the elimination of 15,000 jobs across North America. In real terms, 15,000 households will lose their primary source of income. Along with that are the tens of thousands of families who work in spin-off businesses who will also be in jeopardy.
    In Oshawa alone, it’s estimated that the GM operations result in more than a billion dollars in federal and provincial taxes being paid every year and 33,000 spin-off jobs are linked to the city’s automobile industry. The closure of the plant there will also see more than $5 billion cut from Ontario’s gross domestic product. The impact will be far reaching.
    It was less than a decade ago that Canadian taxpayers bailed out General Motors to the tune of more than $10 billion, accepting the argument that it was all about saving jobs. In reality, it turns out it was all about saving stockholders, banks and billionaires. 
    At the end of the day, the very rich will all be looked after. Within hours of the announcement of the job cuts, GM stock prices jumped by more than five per cent. It’s a sick world where the loss of jobs of hard-working people is good news for those who, when it comes to making cars, have not invested a minute of labour or a drop of sweat. 
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