About Us

We Are Oshawa is a membership-based grassroots, non-partisan organization. The purpose of our organization is to make progressive issues a priority in Oshawa. We Are Oshawa aims to empower and mobilize residents to become active agents for social change in their community. Through grassroots organizing we can build the capacity to build a fairer and more equitable community for everybody.

For too long we have watched as successive governments have put the interests of corporations and Big Business ahead of the interests of working class people. In Oshawa, we have watched as good paying jobs have left our community and critical public services have been gutted. We have been presented with a choice: we can accept the status quo or we can work together to make our city fairer for everyone. We have decided to take action and we need your help. 

We Are Oshawa also aims to create a positive space for democratic meetings where all can participate meaningfully regardless of race, gender, class, sexuality, age or ability.