NDP Leader Meets With We Are Oshawa, Discusses National Childcare Plan

Child_Care_Graphic.jpgOshawa, ON - Thomas Mulcair, leader of the New Democratic Party and the Official Opposition, met with We Are Oshawa executive members on Wednesday, August 20 about an important topic to the community: child care.  We Are Oshawa is launching a grassroots campaign called “Childcare: It’s Everyone’s Issue” including a September 6 rally and recently put the call to all federal and provincial parties and candidates in the upcoming municipal elections as an invitation to meet with representatives from the organization to discuss child care.

“We are happy that Thomas Mulcair took time out of his busy schedule to meet with our people’s action group,” said Tiffany Balducci of We Are Oshawa.

“Our organization supports restoring the national child care program the Harper Conservatives ripped up after taking office in 2006 and we were happy to discussing these issues with the federal leader of the NDP,” included Jesse Cullen, We Are Oshawa executive member.

 The conversation was a roundtable with other politicians and experts in the field.  “I’d say it went well,” Jim Freeman of We Are Oshawa stated. “It was a frank discussion on how child care is everyone’s issue and things need to change for the better.”

“Affordable, licensed child care has been an issue for over thirty years,” added Megan McVey, community activist with We Are Oshawa. “It’s time to make a National child care a real priority in Canada and it sounded like Thomas Mulcair was in support of this.”

We Are Oshawa is launching a grassroots campaign on child care with a rally at Conservative MP Colin Carrie’s constituency office on Saturday, September 6th at 11AM.

For more information:

We Are Oshawa: weareoshawa.ca/childcare
Jesse Cullen: 905.441.9112
Tiffany Balducci: 905.391.1571


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